Contract management and survey

When undertaking a construction project in the Netherlands the operations manager acts as the representative and advocate for the client and the supervisor monitors the technical quality of the work. Contract management and survey therefore ensures that the contract that you have concluded with the contractor and the installation companies is performed in accordance with all of the agreements that have been made.

Contract management and survey: a proactive team
For clients, a construction project in the Netherlands is usually a risky undertaking. The importance is immense; it involves a considerable amount of money and the time pressure is often great. The tension increases during the construction phase. Whilst a contract has been signed with the main contractor, during the construction phase there are still a lot of things that need to be signed, considered and decided upon. In this phase of the construction process clients need operational management and supervision. bbn adviseurs provides high quality operational management and supervision throughout the Netherlands. Our operations managers are experienced hands from the word of construction. Many of them have years of experience working for contractors and they know the construction world inside out. Our supervisors have the technical knowhow to be able to assess whether a contractor has done his work correctly. The operations manager and the supervisor jointly form a close team with detailed understanding that liaises proactively with the contractor.

Contract management and survey delivers quality
Contract management and survey is the logical continuation of construction management during the design phase. For operational management and supervision our specialists combine their knowledge with that of colleagues from construction cost management and property management. Together we ensure that your construction project is delivered on time and at the agreed quality.