Accommodation advice

Your organization wishes to have a base in the Netherlands and we believe that to be a very good decision. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague in particular are ideal locations for international companies. bbn adviseurs is your real estate adviser when it comes to finding a suitable site and for assisting you with renovation or new-build projects in the Netherlands.

Integrated real estate vision in the Netherlands

We will discuss the project with you in detail so that we fully understand the requirements you have set for the location and for your building. We are your discussion partner and your sounding board. As a leading real estate agent in the Netherlands we have a very clear understanding of the real estate market. Our real estate advisers are involved on a daily basis in assisting investors and property developers and are also very familiar with the world of tenants and government authorities in the Netherlands. We utilize all of this knowledge to help you make the right choices.

Full service for premises advice in the Netherlands
We provide support by carrying out site surveys, feasibility analyses and technical due diligence, and preparing programs of requirements. If you decide on a new-build or to have a building renovated we can provide complete construction management, cost management and even property management on your behalf.