Feasibility study

You are considering a construction project in the Netherlands. One of your initial requirements therefore is a complete picture of all of the consequences. What is the Program of Requirements? What specific circumstances do we have to take into account in the Dutch real estate market? The Board or the stockholders will want many questions to be answered first and those questions will be answered by a feasibility study undertaken by bbn adviseurs.

Start with a Quick Scan
There are a wide variety of feasibility studies. The bbn Quick Scan is a way of evaluating a number of accommodation solutions and is in great demand. By using our extensive knowledge we are able to investigate several alternatives quickly and thus give you a good idea of the options. Non-starters are eliminated immediately and the next phase of the study can therefore be managed efficiently and guided in the right direction.

A good feasibility study is essential
A feasibility study provides a sound basis for the construction process. It provides clarity about the context of the project. The Program of Requirements, for example, is harmonized to the Life Cycle Costing budget. A feasibility study also provides insight into process planning, project organization and risk management. A properly substantiated feasibility study forms the basis for commencing every successful construction project.

Working together to achieve an optimum result
Our accommodation advisers undertake the feasibility study in close collaboration with financial and technical specialists in urban development, construction cost management and property management.