Life cycle costing

Life Cycle Costing (LCC) is a method for financially assessing the complete life cycle of a building. The Life Cycle Costing calculations produced by our accommodation advisers provide a complete financial picture: it provides insight into the actual costs of your accommodation choices. This is also known as Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). bbn Life Cycle Costing is more than just adding up amounts: it’s a management tool.

Life Cycle Costing: an interactive process
Life Cycle Costing places investments and residual values in the context of the ongoing operating costs, for example maintenance, fixed costs and consumables. Via Life Cycle Costing we are able to manage the concept and plan development both on the basis of investment costs and operating costs. This integrated cost management makes sustainable solutions achievable more quickly. Our accommodation advisers have access to interactive calculation models which allow immediate insight into the financial consequences of design choices. We work with you to configure the models and thus gear the Life Cycle Costing methodology to your specific situation. The accommodation adviser closely monitors the design process and periodically tests this against the Life Cycle Costing. This allows you to work interactively with the accommodation adviser to manage the design from a financial point of view during the entire process.

Multiple disciplines, a single powerful product
We calculate our Life Cycle Costing using a range of bbn disciplines. The construction cost management advice group determines the investment costs, property management calculates the maintenance and consumables and urban development estimates the residual value. Together we ensure a sound Life Cycle Costing.