Program of Requirements

Your organization has decided to open a branch in the Netherlands and you are considering building new premises or renovating existing premises. An initial feasibility study is carried out and the next step is a Program of Requirements. bbn adviseurs is able to draw up a very precise Program of Requirements for the building – more so than other players in the market.

Questions form the basis of your Program of Requirements
What rooms do you require and how large do they have to be? Which rooms have to be located close to each other? What ambience does the building have to radiate? Do you want to be able to alter the layout of the building easily? What technical and sustainability requirements must the building meet? All of these questions are answered in the Program of Requirements.

Program of Requirements: appropriate building ambitions
Drawing up a Program of Requirements is a process in which we work with you to formulate the correct building specification. A building in which your organization will be able to develop in the most optimum way. A good Program of Requirements forms the basis of the construction process; all spatial, functional, aesthetic and technical requirements. All of your building ambitions are translated financially in this, both in the construction budget with complete investment costs and in annual operating costs (Life Cycle Costing).