Site surveys

Where is the best location for your offices or business premises? Which location is the best fit with your organization’s aims for setting up business in the Netherlands? The choice of location in the Netherlands is very important for the success of your company. A thorough site survey by bbn adviseurs will familiarize you with all of the possibilities that the Netherlands has to offer.

Finding existing offices or business premises in the Netherland

bbn adviseurs understands the property market in the Netherlands. We run through the evaluation criteria for the property search with you in advance. These starting points and the independent observations of our accommodation adviser result in well-considered advice for the location of your business premises in the Netherlands. When doing this we always investigate the possibilities of existing buildings. At the moment, the property market in the Netherlands is a buyer’s market and offers excellent possibilities for setting up your business. We will guide you through the selection and acquisition process, from your initial enterprise concept right through to occupying the building.

Finding a site for a new-build in the Netherlands

We will draw up a list for you of all of the advantages and disadvantages of all available sites including, for example, the orientation, visibility, accessibility, parking possibilities, expansion possibilities, land price and the necessary planning and building procedures. Our site survey will make it clear which site is the best – and why. We conduct land purchase negotiations on your behalf with the local authority.

Location found – now what?

Our accommodation advice goes beyond the site survey. We also undertake a feasibility study and we draw up a Program of Requirements. We also make the investment and operating costs (Life Cycle Costing) absolutely clear.