Construction cost management

Achieving better building projects within the construction cost budget. That sums up the aim of the construction cost management service provided by bbn adviseurs. A large group of bbn experts has been contributing construction cost advice and knowledge about Life Cycle Costing to successful construction projects for more than 45 years.

Construction cost budget
Good management starts with good understanding. The construction cost expert produces clear construction cost budgets that are based on up-to-date cost indices, with knowledge about construction planning and construction logistics being added to this. Construction cost management manages the design process and presents proposals that result in achieving a better building within the construction cost budget. For each construction project an appropriate tendering strategy is proposed and the additional work and less work that may be required are controlled. This results in effective risk management. Mapping out the additional costs and benefits of sustainable and energy-saving measures is now also one of the core tasks of our construction cost management service!

Construction cost knowledge can be deployed in many areas
Our expertise in the field of construction cost management also sets us apart when it comes to construction management, property management and urban development. bbn construction cost advice forms an essential contribution to feasibility studies, RfPs and competitions. Our services enhance each other: ambition unites everything!