NEN 2580 area measurements

For the successful development of a construction project the financial process management is not just geared towards the construction costs and the investment costs: managing on the basis of the property development revenues is just as important. The Lettable Floor Area (LFA) based on the NEN 2580 standard determines the revenues to an extent. The better the ratio between the lettable floor area and the gross floor area, the greater the chance of a profitable project development.

Optimizing on the basis of NEN 2580
The bbn construction cost managers are completely familiar with the ins and outs of NEN 2580. This knowledge allows them to inform the client and the architect about the possibilities of increasing the lettable floor area by using ‘smart’ solutions, without increasing the gross floor area.

NEN 2580 measuring certificate
bbn undertakes NEN 2580 area measurements for almost all of the commercial real estate projects that we are involved in. We carry these out in accordance with the Guideline for Measuring Certificates. A measuring certificate is issued on the basis of these measurements. The measuring certificate can be appended to lease agreements and other real estate agreements. bbn is a member of the Vierkante Meter [Square Meter] association. This association monitors the measuring quality of NEN 2580 area measurements. As a member of the Vierkante Meter association, bbn is also aware of the latest news about the development of the European prEN15221-6 standard.