Construction management

The construction process is complex and full of risks. Construction projects can only be completed successfully under the tight control of an experienced project manager. The bbn construction managers help clients achieve their ambitions within the agreed project frameworks of quality, time and money. bbn construction management utilizes its knowledge and experience to look after the client’s interests in the most optimum way. bbn construction management represents a result-oriented approach with a strong focus on sustainable construction.

Construction management coordinates the entire process
For many projects, bbn construction management is a logical follow-on from the accommodation advice. The real design process often starts with the selection of the architects, which may or may not be via a European call for tenders. As the client’s confidential adviser the construction manager manages all of the advisers and contractors that are engaged and in so doing often also supports the end user. This demands excellent empathy with the interests of the client, as well as with the interests of all other parties that are involved. The bbn construction manager has an integrated approach to the construction process and gives all of the parties the opportunity for relevant input. The construction manager is also involved in the plan testing, European call for tenders, contract management and risk management. bbn also has a range of specialists available for plan testing – for example for structural, mechanical and electrical engineering and for sustainability.

Combining knowledge = even stronger construction management
Our construction managers regularly engage the expertise of their construction cost management, accommodation advice, property management and urban development colleagues. bbn combines its knowledge – which results in successful and sustainable construction projects that are completed on time, within budget and in accordance with the correct procedures.