De 5 Keizers, Nyenrode University, Amsterdam

“De 5 Keizers” [The 5 Emperors) is a unique complex with a floor area of around 18,000 m² that is located in the center of Amsterdam. The complex is owned by Credit Suisse Asset Management Immobilien Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH and consists of 5 interconnected Holland style canal-side buildings. Two of the canal-side buildings, called Antonius and Lucius, shall be rezoned for housing. The three buildings called Marcus, Romanus and Titius are being redeveloped to create high-quality education and office space in Amsterdam.

De 5 Keizers complex is located on the Keizersgracht, at the corner of the Wolvenstraat, right in the center of Amsterdam. The Negen Straatjes quarter, in which De 5 Keizers is located, offers a multitude of facilities such as discerning shops, cafés and restaurants. Within a stone’s throw from the complex is the Jordaan district of Amsterdam.
The main tenant of the complex is the New Business School, which is part of Nyenrode University. In addition, the project also incorporates a branch of the supermarket chain Marqt.
bbn is providing the construction management and the cost management