Property management

bbn adviseurs property management provides advice about the wise use of buildings. In doing this, we look at the complete lifespan; buildings in the Netherlands are generally built with a life expectancy of approximately 50 years.

Property management expertise

Our property management advice group consists of maintenance experts and project managers for renovation and restoration projects. Together they provide the property management and arrange, amongst other things, the maintenance and adaptation of buildings. bbn property management starts with a condition survey and the preparation of a long-term maintenance plan. Our property managers also organize the complete technical management of your building, planned maintenance and the renovation work.

Passion & ambition

Many bbn employees have a shared passion for listed buildings and national heritage. It is no wonder therefore that the working scope of our property management service also includes historical building surveys. The property management advice group works closely with accommodation advice, construction management and operational management & supervision. We combine our knowledge in order to achieve your ambition!