Technical due diligence in the Netherlands

You are considering acquiring a building in the Netherlands. In that case you need a technical due diligence to be undertaken, potentially combined with an sustainability due diligence. The bbn technical due diligence will provide you with an overall but accurate picture of the technical condition and the (overdue) maintenance costs of a building that you are considering acquiring.

Technical due diligence: rapid insight into the technical condition

Investors and real estate financiers often have to take a decision about whether or not to acquire a building, and the technical condition of the building also plays a role in this decision-making as does the associated estimate of the (overdue) maintenance costs that the owner will be faced with in the coming years. In a technical due diligence we evaluate the quality of the building and the expected short to medium-term maintenance costs. When doing this we examine inspection reports, soil decontamination reports, Health & Safety aspects and suchlike. The technical due diligence often has to be undertaken in a short period of time. The bbn maintenance expert is able to outline a reliable picture quickly and efficiently.

Technical due diligence places you in a better negotiating position

A reliable technical due diligence allows you to negotiate from a position of power because you know the building’s defects and the costs that you will have to incur to correct these defects. Any high operating costs will also be revealed in a timely manner and these can serve as input into your business case and be used in negotiations.