For many years bbn adviseurs has been involved in many of the most ambitious projects in the Netherlands, an increasing number of which involve major renovations whereby improving sustainability plays an important part. We have a great deal of experience and expertise with regard to international measuring methods, such as LEED and BREEAM, and we are experts when it comes to translating sustainable ambitions for renovation and energy-reduction projects into financial terms, and their effects on return.

Market and portfolio study
We carry out sustainability studies for real estate portfolios and sites for both investors and local authorities, with many millions of m² of office space now surveyed throughout the Netherlands. We are the leading firm in this field in the Netherlands, for both Dutch and foreign investors.

Technical Due Diligence and Sustainability
Our extensive track record of building surveys means we are able to conduct Technical Due Diligence quickly and efficiently for real estate (portfolio) acquisitions. When conducting Technical Due Diligence, we combine the survey with sustainability and investment-requirement evaluations so that the buildings can be re-leased to a technical standard that meets market expectations. This not only provides you with insight into the current state of the buildings but also gives you a clear understanding of any investments that may be required.

Energy and Sustainability Benchmark
bbn adviseurs has developed the Dutch Sustainability Benchmark 1(DGB-Benchmark) together with the Dutch Green Building Council, which is used to provide an objective assessment of the energy consumption and the BREEAM scores for Dutch real estate in the office sector. Companies that participate in the benchmark include CBRE Global Investors, IVG, MPC Capital, Syntrus Achmea, KLM, ABN AMRO and many other investors and users.

The DGB-Benchmark now contains consumption data for around 5 million m2 of office space (10% of the total office space in the Netherlands).