De 5 Keizers, Amsterdam

De 5 Keizers (the 5 Emperors) is a unique complex with a floor area of around 18,000 m² located in the centre of Amsterdam. The complex, owned by Union Investment Real Estate GmbH, connects 5 buildings behind classic canal house faҫades. Two of the canal-side buildings, called Antonius and Lucius, have been rezoned for housing. The three buildings called Marcus, Romanus and Titius have been redeveloped to create high-quality education and office space.

De 5 Keizers complex is located on the Keizersgracht, at the corner of the Wolvenstraat, right in the center of Amsterdam. The Nine Streets neighborhood, a vibrant and trendy district in which De 5 Keizers is located, offers facilities such as shops, cafés and restaurants. Within a stone’s throw from the complex is the famous Jordaan district.

bbn provided the construction management, cost management and the contract management for this project.