Health-care centers Wildhoef and Tusselerhof

Two health-care centres owned by healthcare organisation Pro Senectute, ‘Wildhoef’ in Bloemendaal and ‘Tusselerhof’ in Lochem, were in need of replacement. Both buildings are beautifully situated in the countryside and Pro Senectute therefore opted to tear them down and construct new buildings in their stead.

Cost savings
To save costs, Pro Senectute decided to have both projects developed simultaneously by the same design team. Oomen Architecten designed two buildings, with the objective of creating as much unity between the buildings as possible.

Home automation
The buildings are made up of three sections: the entrance area with a restaurant function in the centre, the residential section on one side and the care section on the other. The residential section comprises independent homes, where home care is provided. The care section houses residents suffering from dementia. Home automation played a significant part in the design in order to ensure the ability to provide the future residents with the best possible care.

Demolition and construction
To enable the demolition and construction, the current residents and staff had to temporarily move to other premises. Two fine properties belonging to other care organisations were found in the vicinity. Pro Senectute rented these properties and modified them to be suitable for their own target group for the temporary period.

bbn support
bbn adviseurs was responsible for the demolition and construction project management. The advisors of bbn compiled the Terms of Reference and, from then on, supported Pro Senectute throughout these major construction projects. We helped Pro Senectute find two properties as temporary accommodation and helped modify these properties to be suitable for the target group. bbn adviseurs provided guidance throughout both the design and the tender process and calculated the construction costs. Finally, we were responsible for the management and supervision during the realisation phase.