Klaasje Zevenster care location

Stichting Brentano Amstelveen, the former owner of the ‘Klaasje Zevenster’ care location, has sold the complex to Achmea Dutch Health Care Fund. Brentano now rents back the newly built intramural facility and provides care to the equally new apartments. The development was carried out in phases, which enabled the current residents to move from the old building into the new one. The programme for the newly built location comprises 52 psychogeriatric places and approximately 250 apartments for life.

The new complex, made up of eight buildings, was designed by Greiner Van Goor Huiten Architecten and built by the De Nijs construction firm. As tenant of the nursing home, Brentano took occupation of the first part of the project in the late summer of 2017 when the first residents moved into the care apartments. The second phase of the development commenced in the autumn of 2017. Selling off the location enables Brentano to concentrate fully on providing care to Amstelveen seniors.

bbn adviseurs managed the tender, the sale and the supervision of the building work on behalf of Stichting Brentano.