Yusen freight building, Amsterdam Schiphol

A freight building has been constructed at CargoWorld Schiphol-Zuidoost at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport for the Benelux Head Office of the Japanese service provider Yusen Global Logistics. Yusen is one of the largest logistics service providers in the world. The new freight building in the Netherlands will provide 4,900m2 of industrial space and 1,500m2 of office space. Schiphol Real Estate is the Dutch developer and investor for the building.

The Yusen Schiphol-Zuidoost freight building for Yusen Air & Sea Service (Benelux) B.V. has been designed by Claus en Kaan Architecten from Amsterdam on the instructions of Schiphol Real Estate. Takenaka Netherlands B.V. is the main contractor. This modern industrial building is located in the centre of Cargo World Schiphol-Zuidoost. The building forms an architectural unit with the adjacent industrial building, yet forms a stand-alone object.

Yusen Air & Sea Service has been based at Schiphol since 1986 and has had its own office at Schiphol-Zuidoost since 1998. The Head Office has twice as much space as the former building, which was also developed by Schiphol Real Estate. After the new Head Office was commissioned this building was acquired by Schiphol Real Estate.

bbn adviseurs was engaged by Schiphol for the construction cost management, operational management and supervision.